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About Us

      Our journey started in 2008 as a software solutions company.We have reached more than ten thousand customers and more than sixty thousand business end users enjoying our solutions and expert help.

      Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory definition came into existence in around 2011 and our customer base started requesting solutions in the new domain. Around the last four years we created our solutions based on industry 4.0 perspective.

      Our core management team members are experts on information technology, automation and renewable energy systems. Information technology, automation and solar energy systems are the base technologies for the new industrial era and we have developed our intellectual resources in order to create the effective high impact solutions the markets require.

      ITAGE 2018 is the reorganization of our resources both intellectual and technological in order to serve the industry in the coming technological era. Information Technology is the core component of every industrial setup including manufacturing businesses to services industry members. Therefore we aim to enhance your enterprise capabilities in information technology and automation technology domain in order for you to internalize and embrace the latest technologies.

Vision and Mission

      The rise of immense computer processing power and intelligent machines leads to a new technological era in business environments such as manufacturing, services and marketing industries. The definition of business success is changing from resource allocation and cost advantage to technological superiority and being single provider.

      Our mission is to support our clients in the new industrial era by providing intellectual manpower and technological resources thus increasing the business capabilities to embrace the latest technology and gain competitive advantages.

Software Development - Enterprise Software Projects

      Our expert team provides excellent solutions for your integration and implementation projects. In extent to our team we have access to a pool of developers who are experts in wide range of enterprise platforms and technologies. Reach us out for an analysis and special report on your specific projects.

Software Development - Web App Development

      Web based applications tailored for your needs can make huge impacts on your operations. We have decades of experience to develop best web apps in the shortest time possible. Reach us out for an analysis and special report on your specific web application project.

Software Development - Mobile App Development

      Markets and society changed so much in the last 10 years rendering mobile applications a must have for most of the businesses. Today whole businesses are based on mobile apps and others enjoying low cost high impact solutions running on mobile devices. We provide the expert knowledge and bleeding edge technology knowhow for your next mobile application project.

Software Development - Embedded and Desktop Application Development

     Special projects that require near hardware solutions or desktop capabilities needs both experienced developers and a thorough architectural approach. We provide development and consultancy services for our clients over various platforms. Reach us out for an analysis and special report on your specific desktop or embedded application project.

Software Development - PLC Programming

     In automation projects coding PLC is one of the core activities. There are nearly hundred different platforms and development environments. We provide services for developing, auditing and enhancing PLC programmes with manageable costs and expert knowhow. Reach us out for an analysis and special report on your specific PLC project.

Software Development - Cloud Computing

     Cloud solutions are more common than to maintain a server and even the latest technologies require cloud infrastructure to run on. We provide consultancy and services for our clients in order for them to make the best out of cloud computing. Reach us out for an analysis and special report on your specific cloud based project.

Innovation - Technology Trends for Your Industry

     Following technological trends can supply the information for the next competitive advantage you may seize and became critical as the market competition forces all the industry players to use the latest technology. We are working to keep track of all technological developments regarding to manufacturing businesses, services, marketing industries. Reach us out for an analysis and special report on a specific industry or business.

Innovation - Process Development

     Lean management is the main activity for almost all manufacturing businesses and with that efforts comes along industry 4.0 or smart factory approach. We provide expert manpower in order to analyse the business process, reengineer the process with lean production and latest technologies perspective and create possible enhancement designs. Working with our clients we create clear improvement goals and ROI (Return of Investment) estimates. Reach us out for an analysis and special report on a specific business case.

Innovation - Digitize Production Line

     Industrial Internet of Things is the codename for receiving data from production environment. Installing sensors, actuators, information lights, touch screens can provide a wide range of capabilities. Digitizing the production lines can enable a wide range of applications such as Predictive Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Energy Management, Performance Analysis, Failure Detection, Automatic Parts Ordering and more. We work with the top sensors and parts manufacturers to help our clients get the best devices available and we provide software solutions both standalone and ERP integrated. Reach us out for an analysis and special report on your plant.

Innovation - Intelligent Apps and Big Data Analytics

     Big Data comes from all sensory devices and other inputs from all systems including ERP software. In order to get the most out of the Big Data application the case should be handled BigData experts working together with domain experts. Our expertise on Big Data can help you with creating the effective solution you are looking for. Expert systems are used in banking systems to give credit scores and many other applications can be found everywhere. We have knowledge to help create your next expert system for a cost efficient intelligent app. Artificial intelligence libraries from Google, Microsoft, Amazon and SAP are gaining momentum in industrial application and analytics. We provide artificial intelligence app development using Tensorflow library from Google. Reach us out for an analysis and special report for your case.

Industry 4.0 - Industrial Internet Of Things

     According to Gartner Report (The Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018) by 2022 The Internet of Things (IoT) will save consumers and businesses $1 trillion a year in maintenance, services and consumables.

     In order to benefit from those technological developments we offer custom tailored solutions for our clients. Our expert team is here to help you with your IoT projects such as Predictive/Preventive Maintenance, Inline Quality Checking, Factory Monitoring, Shop Floor Monitoring, Digital Twins, Intermediate Stock Monitoring, Machine To Machine Communication, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Big Data Collection Systems via Sensors. Reach us out for an analysis and special report for your case.

Industry 4.0 - Machine Vision

     Image processing and machine vision techniques are the essential parts in a robotic production system. Automated machines work best when all the inputs and outputs are quality checked with the speed of production. Best practices suggest to apply quality control on every major step as well as the end product. Machine vision technology provides this capability of noninvasive and nondestructive quality checking with fractional costs per product and at high speeds.

Industry 4.0 - Digital Twins

     We are modelling all your physical and nonphysical assets into digital layer to provide you better monitoring, surveillance, planning and maintenance capabilities. Metadata monitoring,big data analytics and simulation capabilities will increase your company‚Äôs dynamism and hence enable you to update/upgrade your business routines swiftly and efficiently minimising the risks of upsetting the current operations. Reach us out for an analysis and special report for your case.

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